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RailPark Construction 6-2-2013


Sept 12, 2013

The rail park update  --heavy equipment was brought back to the park location on Saturday as there are piles of dirt and stone to be moved.  More work was accomplished on the platform roof.  More of the parking lot/driveway light bases have been installed.  Understand the driveways are being worked on this week.  We keep hearing October as the completion date, but have no idea which of the 31 days will be the magic number.  Definitely want to have as many attend the ribbon-cutting, especially the media for this phenomenal event !!!!!  Not everyone can take off work that day without knowing in advance !!!!!  Have had people from all over the US wanting to be here for the ribbon-cutting. 


July 29, 2013


Hello to all.

Want to give you the next edition of Fostoria Rail Preservation Society info.

The LE&W depot kitchen has been repainted.  FRPS member Bob Donihi volunteered to help and the job was completed on Saturday.  Makes the kitchen look much cleaner.  Now to go back and put the stove and frig. in their proper corners.    Thanks Bob !!!    Next job, the office bath needs repainted and tile replaced on the floor. 


Saturday was a drippy, rainy day and painting the kitchen was easier to do than spraying the D&N weeds.  Will work on that later today when the weedy areas are dry.     Glenn, Bob, Mr. Chapman and I cut the grass on Thursday.  The "guys" did cut down alot of the weedy area on Friday with the D&N looking good !!!   Thanks to the D&N volunteer  "maintenance/landscaping" crew.  You do good work and you are affordable !!!


The rail park is progressing on completion but currently there is not much of a visual change.  Working on plumbing, interior work on the building doesn't show up in the park photos.  BUT, be assured the work is continuing.  

A local railfan told me within the last few weeks he saw probably 35-40 silver subway cars with red stripes head eastbound on the CSX.  It would be great to know more about this.  Anyone else see the new cars???  What is the story on them?  Would be nice to tell or have a photo of them.  Thanks. 

The Cafe restaurant near K-Mart was recently sold and will be going through a remodeling process.  Bev & Dale Bohring had The Cafe for 15+ years and sold the restaurant this past week.  In about 6 weeks or so the American Table Restaurant will open with Greek and American food.  We will try to keep you posted on the reopening date.


Went to the Ohio State Fair on Sunday to work the Operation Lifesaver booth.  Have been doing this for 5+ years and really do enjoy the volunteer work.  Talked to many people!!!  FRPS member and Fostoria Grants Writer Renee Smith also "manned" the booth.  Bob, Dianne & Sarah Reinhart from Fostoria stopped by the booth.  After our shift was over we went to view the butter sculptures, which are amazing and ran into Floyd & Susan Lawless and their daughter Linda's family, also from Fostoria and were our neighbors when we lived on Summit Street way back in the 70's.   Seems you can't go anywhere and not run into someone you know.  That's a good thing !!!

Next year I will plan on working two shifts at the booth with Renee working one shift and Mayor Eric Keckler working the second.  Eric could not help this year but we will work it into next years schedule somehow. 

We can truly appreciate Fostoria's "auto traffic" after being in the I-71 Columbus traffic.  Spent 20+ minutes just trying to reach I-71 from the fair parking lot.  SB I-71 traffic was a standstill for HOURS and thank goodness we were going north !!!   Heard one women say it took 2+ hours traveling from Mt. Vernon to the fair also on I-71.   Got to appreciate Fostoria as a traffic jam here is 10-15 cars at a traffic light.  Love being from a small town. 

Are you interested in having an enjoyable train "Date Night"?  The Lebanon and MasonRR has a Friday night train ride to a pub for food, drinks and fun.  Look up their website for more info.  FRPS is a member of ORTA, Ohio Rail Tourism Assn and we try to promote all members activities.  Ohio is a great rail tourism state but you all know that as you come back over and over to Ohio !!! 

Another week in Fostoria and more progress on the rail park!!  Have a good week !!!


July 8, 2013

FRPS just received a donation today.  My mom just purchased a new push mower for trimming her yard and has donated the "old" one.  Mowed the area around the D&N again today.  We want to keep the area around the building mowed up even though we do not own all of the area, most is railroad property.  Keeps the building looking better.  Thanks MOM !!

Need to remind everyone that Fostoria is very unique in the many, many railroad property locations we can be on and not get kicked off for trespassing.  The most popular approved locations are the "Amtrak" parking lot on S. Main, and the area south of the tracks between Main & Poplar.  Areas where we need to NOT travel is the N/S right of way especially between Main and Columbus Ave.  The "road" north of the B&O between Main and Columbus Ave. should NOT be used, that is for railroad employees !!   Remember, the driveway from Poplar St. to the rail park will be the proper entrance and you will be able to see alot of B&O traffic there.   Being an Operation Lifesaver presenter, safety around rail roads is very important.  Use common sense and appreciate how lucky you are to be so close to the trains and not be told to leave.  The railroads allow freedom to be on their property and can take that away very easily too.    

Something else about the NKP 765, Aug. 16-18 is the Ft. Wayne RR HS Open House.  Look on their website for more info.  The open house is Free !!!

For more updates, be sure on look on the FRPS website,  




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